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I am married with three wonderful children, a girl and two boys. I have always been passionate about sports since my early childhood, especially   soccer and martial arts. I practiced both disciplines, moreover, and human sciences because the human aspect has always fascinated me!


I define myself as a man of the field. The business world has no secrets for me, because very young I joined the family business where I worked for many years. I am a specialist in creating team spirit within groups. I work with concrete methods to improve their performance, efficiency, commitment and motivation.

I help you build a cohesive team and give you the methods and tools to achieve your goals and obtain concrete results.

My expertise? Transform teams, optimize their performance, make organizations work in a healthy and innovative way by relying on the foundations that have made the foundation of our company: business experience, human psychology and high-level sport.

I am a professional coach graduated from the Haute Ecole de Coaching, certified NLP coach, corporate trainer and trained in many approaches. During my professional career spent on the different levels, I have known several sectors of activity, from trade to catering and from construction to logistics. this allowed me to enrich my experiences.

As a manager and entrepreneur, my operational and strategic experience in business management allows me to adapt these tools to the specific needs of the organizations I support. I deeply believe that strength is in the collective and that the skill of a team is greater than the sum of individual skills.

Faced with the great expectations and possible frustrations of teams and groups, I accompany them towards what is true! I put people at the center of their projects.

In 2017 I founded AB COACHING. Today, with my partners, high-level athletes, we put our expertise at the service of our customers, with an innovative approach and a vision of a company that creates wealth, is human, ambitious, liberated and rewarding.

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