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team coaching

Coaching d'équipe
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Coaching d'équipe
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Le coaching d'équipe en entreprise est l'ingrédient manquant dans la réussite d'une équipe, le coup de pouce qui lui permet d'atteindre le sommet !

​Si vous voulez tirer le meilleur de votre équipe, donnez lui un coup de pouce grâce à notre programme de coaching d'équipe. Nos experts en coaching d'équipe mettent leur expertise à votre service et mettent tout en oeuvre pour que votre productivité s'envole dès le départ.

Pour sortir d'une crise, nous travaillons sur la dynamique et les relations entre les membres des différentes équipes et leur environnement. Nous intervenons à des moments précis, pour changer la perception et mettre en évidence les potentiels de l'organisation.

Améliorez votre productivité et votre efficacité grâce à nos services de coaching d'équipe. Nos coachs ont suivi des formations rigoureuses pour aider à renforcer la dynamique d'équipe afin d'améliorer le moral et la productivité de votre organisation.

Nos coachs d'équipe sont également des formateurs à part entière, capables d'utiliser une méthodologie qui va de l'accent mis sur les résultats à l'aide à la performance et qui permet à l'innovation d'imprégner l'équipe par le biais d'expériences.

Notre équipe de coachs vous aidera à développer une vision commune au sein de votre entreprise ! 


Vous souhaitez avoir un devis personnalisé ?

Vous souhaitez plus d'informations ?

Vous souhaitez prendre rendez-vous ?

Team coaching in business is the missing ingredient in the success of a team, the boost that allows it to reach the top!

​If you want to shoot the best of your team, give them a boost with our team coaching program. Our team coaching experts put their expertise at your service and make every effort to ensure that your productivity soars from the start.

To get out of a crisis, we work on the dynamics and the relationships between the members of the different teams and their environment. We intervene at specific times, to change the perception and highlight the potential of the organization.

Improve your productivity and efficiency with our team coaching services. Our coaches have undergone rigorous training to help build team dynamics to improve your organization's morale and productivity.

Our team coaches are also trainers in their own right, able to use a methodology that ranges from focusing on results to supporting performance and allowing innovation to permeate the team through through experiences.

Our team of coaches will help you develop a common vision within your company! 

Targeted objectives: 

  1. Getting out of a problematic situation 

  2. Looking for better performance

  3. Improved team functioning

  4. Strengthen team skills

Three essential steps:

First stage :

  • Exploring customer request. 

  • Make a complete assessment of the situation. 

  • Trigger individual work with the client. 

  • Define the objectives to be achieved. 

Second step :

  • Trigger a job on the whole team. 

  • Make the collective diagnosis before work.  

  • Define collective objectives. 

  • Course of the coaching program.  

  • Define the framework, instructions and action plan. 

Third step

  • Make the collective diagnosis before closing. 

  • Take stock of the changes made.

  • Take stock of areas for progress. 

  •   Ensure follow-up, i.e. after. 

  • Check whether the commitments have been respected.

  • Check whether the objectives set have been achieved. 

What is corporate team coaching?

Team coaching consists of allowing a team to go through the successive stages that it must take to acquire new skills that will enable it to achieve a common objective. This is a method that promotes interest and creativity. Team coaching is an in-depth approach to helping teams achieve their goals and gaining a greater sense of accomplishment.


Coaching can help a team overcome challenges together, set new goals, improve performance and increase productivity. Even though its members know each other, challenges can block its progress, so they need help to improve and reach their full potential.


When a company is accompanied by a professional coach, a specialist in team management, he can help it see things more clearly and solve certain problems. It can also help the members of a team to put their ideas in order, to make different choices to deal with problems and to focus on the objectives.


A professional coach has the experience necessary to guide his clients to success. The credibility of a well-trained team is often at all stages an important key to its success in the face of change, resistance and sometimes even aggressiveness. If you're a business leader who wants to bring this value to your business for the first time, that's not necessarily a bad thing, hundreds of companies use team coaching every week and are all satisfied in their own way.


The results obtained can be varied, because coaching is mainly focused on listening and personalized solutions. Positive results over the past few years have shed much light on the impact coaching can have as a significant positive shock. Positive results accompanied by hospitality towards clients make our services a top priority for our coaching business. Team coaching is the effective solution to keep the team engaged throughout the year.


We do not go through our career and professional development alone. We need the support, guidance and assistance of people who share our journey. By having a team coach by your side, you mitigate the risks that often come with going it alone. Teams are more productive when they work together, which maximizes the achievement of common goals.

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